For a sustainable future

The Gift Shop is a community of sportpeople and design professionals passionate about outdoor sports.

We share our experience in mountain sports, water sports, cycling and technical equipments.

We participate collectively in brand product projects, from the first ideas to the validation of prototypes.

We also recommend durable and useful equipments for our future. We validate them between us and share them on the TGS platform.

Want to participate in product design or discover useful and durable equipment? 

Up to 500 sports users in Europe.

The TGS community supports brands in their change towards responsible activity.

More than 500 qualified athletes, all over Europe, can participate in product projects, give their opinion and validate the orientations.


Design partners

Industrial Design, Marketing & Engineering Community

Germain Thomines footwear designer


Footwear Design & Creative Director

Well known as one of the most talented foowear designer in Europe, we are happy to count him among our partners. His great sensitivity to trends and the design of performance products (MIZUNO, HUMMEL) as well as lifestyle products (VEJA, BELLEDONNE, ASPHALTE) makes him the ideal designer to inspire and develop the creation of ranges of outdoor footwear. More than a talented stylist, Germain is also seasoned in the most innovative technologies and industrial developments in Europe and Asia.

The professional core-team

Clement Pinson, Design manager


Design Manager

Design Manager, industrial designer.

Innovative ideas generator, team/group management, design project management.


A creative & enthousiastic surrounding


THE GIFT SHOP is also a place of work, a place to host events and a public space. Working sessions can be organised here and concepts can be prototyped.  It integrates a communication space and showroom for exceptional projects.

Located at the heart of the outdoor sports industry, in contact with a population of 200,000 sportspeople from all over the world, the Annecy Base Camp is the ideal place to create exceptional products.

Outdoor Sport Valley Annecy
Design co-working

How it works?

Each member who contributes to the projects is remunerated according to his/her contribution and involvement.
Each of the project deliverables (study, conceptualisation, technical concept, drawing or creation, technical plan, colour and material variation, 3D model, physical model or prototype) has a price according to the complexity of the project and/or the product.
An additional bonus is paid according to the success of the project.
Do not hesitate to ask us for the salary scale.
Are you passionate about outdoor sports? Are you a professional in product design? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Côte rocheuse


Clement Pinson, General Manager
TGS The Gift Shop SAS

Annecy Base Camp

12c rue du Pré-Faucon, 74940 Annecy-le-vieux
Industrial Design Services
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Annecy, France

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