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Participate in the future of the french brand

You already like Lafuma's products or you have hardly ever heard about this 90 years old brand? Why don't you give us your opinion and the way you would like it to be for the next 10 years?

MILLET, co-design with 300 trail-runners.

A huge step forward

In 2021, 300 trail-runners were involved in the development of the future Millet's trail-running range, to be released in 2023. It was the opportunity for the brand's managers  to know better about its customers and to assess the potential of the products.
This is also the start of a new relationship with users, with a lot of enthousiast comments about the future of Millet and the expection for a huge step forward with this category, from a loved brand.


PLUS, the outdoor shoe already preferred by 29% of sportspeople! 

100% useful, 100% performing

PLUS is an 8-week co-design project with more than 500 sportspeople in France and Germany. It starts in 2020 with questions: is there a place in our outdoor sports life for a versatile but efficient shoe? Could it be a solution to reduce our carbon footprint?

Sketches were made, concepts were designed and assessed by hundreds of targeted users.

The project is under development and still requires a lot of work that you can participate in.


QUECHUA MH 500, the icon of the hiking brand of Decathlon

Defining a technical and reliable product is not just a matter of choosing materials and industrial processes. To convince, you need a brand image and a solid vision of what the product should be.


This is what we undertook in 2013 with the Quechua teams and work to define a brand platform, design and technical direction. The MH 500 range is the culmination of this project and a great product success for both customers and the brand itself.


A range of jackets to convince hikers around the world

In 2018, the Quechua brand reorganized its segmentation and we decided to create 3 offers of more technical jackets: a rambling range, a mountain hiking range and a winter hiking range.

The Mountain Hiking range is completely revised and propose 3 products from beginner, MH100 to expert, MH900.

We are choosing more convincing materials and features while maintaining product affordability.


A feminine, technical and attractive product, in co-design with sportswomen.

The sunglasses market is changing quite rapidly, following fashion trends. The ambition of the MH 500 sunglasses was to offer a technical product suitable for hiking and capable of being worn with pleasure in other activities.

Several designs, more or less trendy, were proposed to a panel of 300 users and it is a more dynamic-looking model that caught the attention of women hikers.


A unic skiboot for the futur of ski.

Online Hackathon 2020

From march to may 2020, we worked online with 2 designers and 2 sports users, including a professional of the winter industry, on what would be versatility for winter.

One of the 2 product concepts that held group attention was Allmount, a advanced mountaineering shoe, becoming a ski boot thanks to a stiff sock.